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Flexible PV solar panel 144W module with out frame

The PVF144a thin lm solar module has the following features:

Adhesive backing
Ultra light weight
Flexible construction
Integrated bypass diodes
Damp proof and highly durable
Laminated on polymer. No glass

Improved thin lm technology delivers higher energy yield per rated Wp, owing to a low temperature coecient and excellent performance under low light conditions.

Modules designed and manufactured according to IEC 61646 & IEC 61730 standards

Standard test conditions: 1000W/m, AM1.5G and 25 degree C. Electrical data above represent stabilized values at Standard test conditions (STC)

DIMENSIONS: 5486 x 394mm (tolerance +-2mm)

Maximum power (W) - 0.21%/C
Maximum power voltage (V) - 0.31%/C
Maximum power current (A) + 0.10%/C
Open circuit voltage (V) - 0.38%/C
Short circuit current (A) + 0.10%/C

Product 1 year
Power output 10 years / 90% yield

Model PVF144a

Typical power (Wp) 144
Tolerance (%) 5%
Voltage at max.power (V) 33.0
Current at max.power (A) 4.36
Open circuit voltage (Voc) 46.2
Short circuit current (Isc) 5.30

Dimension (mm) L 5486 W 394 T 4
Weight (Kg) 7.7
Cable length (mm) 560
Cable size (mm) 4


  • Model: PVF144a

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