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Daylight Sensor for 12V, 24V, 36V & 48V upto 15A

The WDL15A day/night sensor is made and supported in South Africa. The unit automatically connects the load when it gets dark and turns off again at dusk. In essence it functions in the very same way as a standard 220V ac day/night sensor with the exception of working with a DC supply from 10V to 60V.

Typical uses includes a variety of mobile and fixed lighting installation: outdoor, caravan, vehicular, camping, villas, garden, home, street lamp, resorts and many more.

Two variants are available: a 5A version and a 15A version.

Maximum continues load capacity for the 15A version at rated voltage:
At 12V: 180W max load
At 24V: 360W max load
At 36V: 540W max load
At 48V: 720W max load

The unit is capable of handling 3 times its rate capacity for 10 seconds - this allow for motor and cold load start.

Dimensions: *40mm(H) x 19mm(W) x 19mm(D)
*Not including the mounting tab

  • Model: WDL15A
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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 22 March, 2012.

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