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Dual Battery Charger with PV Solar Panel MPPT

At WRND we have developed a dual battery charger with solar MPPT in one small unit for the outdoor 4x4 and leisure market. The WDB1220B will take care of all your charging and maintenance needs. Designed, manufactured and supported locally in South Africa it is a product that will stand up to the challenges of our harsh environment. As a standard the unit comes with a 2 year warranty.

The WRND dual battery charger uses the starting or primary battery of the vehicle to charge the secondary utility battery via its internal DC to DC converter when the engine is running. The secondary battery will be charged to 14.4V even if the alternator only supplies 13.5V or even less. Once the battery has charged to 14.4V the charger will relax and float the battery at 13.7V. If the engine is turned off charging will stop once the primary battery settles at 12.8V. At this time the WDB1220B will start charging the secondary battery from a solar panel if available. Charging from a PV panel is done using MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology to ensure optimal throughput from the panel to the battery.

Current is electronically limited to 20A which allows for much simpler installation in terms of wiring. We recommend placing the unit close to the secondary battery and using 4mm2 wire in most instances. Solder lugs to wire ends for secure connections.

Please contact us for more information or if you have any questions. Contact info on the right hand side above.


Primary battery voltage for charging: 12.5V - 14.5V

Sec battery Boost voltage: 14.4V

Sec battery Float voltage: 13.7V

Max charge current: 20A

Solar input voltage: 12V - 40V (recommendation: use 12V or 24V panel 50W - 250W)

Ultra low power standby mode: 12.5V (primary battery voltage if no solar input)

Standby mode current draw: >0.005A


Over voltage protection: standby, wait for correct voltage

Under voltage protection: off or standby, wait for correct voltage

Over temperature protection: limit current or off until temperature decreases

Connections: 4mm2 silicon wire, 10cm long

Full metal enclosure with mounting holes

Net Weight: 0.45kg

Dimentions: 117mm (W) x 130mm (L) x 37mm (H)

  • Model: WDB1220B
  • Shipping Weight: 0.6kg
  • Manufactured by: WRND

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